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INFINITY System Luggage Range

This concise and highly functional luggage range has been developed to suit the needs of the modern carp angler, be it for a short session or a week away. With the assistance of consultants across the UK and the EU we have closely examined what you carry, how you fish with it and even how you store it in your bivvy 🔥

The INFINITY System range has been designed to work together, this means the Large Accessory Pouches, Medium Accessory pouches and EVA Accessory Pouches all fit within the Low Level Carryall and Ruckall. The main compartment on the Low Level Carryall and Ruckall can house up to 4 Medium accessory Pouches or 2 Large Accessory pouches. However, you could combine the two and carry 1 Large Accessory pouch and 2 Medium Accessory Pouches, it is completely up to you how you organise the system. It is worth mentioning the EVA Accessory Pouches fit perfectly in the side pockets on either bag 🎣

The Low Level Carryall and Ruckall both feature a hard top which has been designed to work as a work surface or table within your bivvy, which has eradicated the need to carry an additional bivvy table. They both feature a wipeable PVC lining inside the main compartment and a hard wearing PVC base to protect against the damp whilst on the ground. The low profile of both bags allows them to be stored under most bedchairs on the market. This allows you to keep organised and tidy whilst on the bank 👍

The Brew and Overnight Bag does exactly that, stores the essentials for brew making and an overnight session on the bank. It features three compartments, a purpose built gas cannister pocket, an easily wipeable PVC lined compartment and a bigger foil lined compartment for storing food and items that need to be kept cool. This bag also features a hard top surface to be used a table (as shown in the image above). Included with the bag is an additional PVC bag to transport cookware and a stove. Once again the low profile ensures it can fit under most bed chairs on the market.

The INFINITY System luggage also includes a range of different rod holdalls and single rod sleeves designed to protect rods during storage and transport. The range includes: 10ft three rod holdall, 12ft three rod holdall, 12ft five rod holdall, 13ft three rod holdall and an EXT three rod holdall (designed to be used in conjunction with the EXT range of rods). The three rod holdalls feature padded baffles to ensure the rods and reels are well protected and separated inside the bag. They also have two external pouches and straps to attach additional rods to if needed. Each rod holdall has an external pocket which can fit a landing net and bank sticks. For single rod protection, the INFINITY System range includes the Multi Length Rod sleeve, Elasticated Rod and Reel Holder and an EXT Single Rod Sleeve. These are perfect to attach to the three rod holdalls to carry a spod and marker set up 🎣

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