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Jack Meyer




I have been fishing around 20 years, but carp fishing around 15 years. I have always enjoyed being outside and I love the camping side of fishing as well.

I would say the last 10 years I’ve been carp match fishing with my best friend Lew and we have done well. After years of consistency, we managed to get a call up for ‘Carp team England’ which we are delighted with.


I recently become a member of the 50’s club, which Is a big achievement for me.


Podium 2nd in the British carp angling championship.


1st & 2nd in Southern carp Championship in a row.


8 BCAC finals in 10 years.


Carp team England call up.


Effort!!! It’s so simple, don’t be lazy, be organised and move onto fish if they are showing in an area you are not in. it’s easier for you to move to them, than wait and hope they move onto you.

Water craft, don’t rush into a swim just because it’s a “known” swim ( I know its hard these days on busy day ticket waters) but if you can take your time and watch the water, it will land you more fish.

Don’t overcomplicate things – fish with what works for you, confidence in your rigs and set up is the biggest thing of all. If you cant fish 100 yds plus, don’t! Fish to your own strengths!


I do really like surface fishing. But my favourite is fishing 3 rods on a spot and spombing over the top, hoping to create a good feeding frenzy and a big hit of fish!



The biggest one for me is to win the British Carp angling championships, it means a lot to me and Lewis. One of my hopes actually came true this year and that was getting a ticket for wellington country park, which actually took over 8 years! I would also like to catch a UK 60 one day!



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