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Salvatore Perrone




Media Creation



My passion for fishing has deep and old roots from back in the days when I was 8 years old since I embraced my very first carp, which made me fall in love totally with fishing and most of all carp fishing. As I got older, I kept on feeding this passion, side by side together with the passion of photography and video making. I was a music video producer for international bands from all over the world for many years, until I took the decision to take my path only on the angling aspect.

Such decision led me to start my own media creator company with my girlfriend Vita, to travel and live amazing fishing experiences, work with the biggest company in the industry, and becoming brand ambassador for the brand I love most since I was a kid, Daiwa.

I am Looking forward to the future and keeping my sense of adventure and pursuit of dream fish are the main purpose for a happy life.


The awareness of being happy with whatever I’m after when I’m on the bank or boat, chasing the unknown, which is the spark that fuels my fire inside.


Watching the water before starting a new session, trying to understand all the signs that may hide below the surface. That for sure can be a good start for the session’s achievements, as in any case, learning from your mistakes is the real growth.


Cast to catch of course will keep you motivated, medium long distance, but I fish many different types of waterways, so it can be long range casting, long range using the boat, stalking, or straight from the boat, what really matters is to keep the adrenaline high, whatever comes along.



I started fishing at very young age in the first 90’s, growing up in the internet era I had the chance to see the entire process of its evolution and all the benefits that came across with it, I only wish the younger generation may keep fishing for the pleasure that it is, being aware of such fortune they have of spending time on the bank and being in nature, and not a race on social media of who catch bigger fish.



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