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Reel Technology


Air Bail® Bail Design

DAIWA's innovative bail design featuring a hollow tubular stainless steel bail for maximum rigidity and strength with minimum weight. Due to the smooth, protrusion-free design of the Air Bail®, even loose line common after a cast slides easily down the bail onto the line roller as the reel is turned, without snagging or hanging up.

  1. This picture shows the line directly after closing the handle.
    You can clearly see the line.


  2. When you start winding the line, the point of contact between line and handle moves to the line roller.

  3. The line is directly lead to the line roller with the help of the Air Bail handle.


ABS® II Anti-Backlash System

The super system, that allows long casts and prevents line twist reliably. The running of the line from the spool usually occurs in different big loops depending on the reel's type. The best approach for preventing twist of the line is the generation of large windings.


DAIWA reels with ABS have spools, which are constructed in such way that they have a spool guide of very large diameter which is getting bigger towards to the spool's top. Thus there won't emerge any "cones" during winding this spool. Like this the line unwinds in big loops and very evenly from the spool and thus prevents the twisting of the line. Thanks to this system also longer casts are possible.

Air Metal Body

Air Metal Body

Reels featuring a magnesium body and rotor are excelled by their drastically reduced weight compared to conventional aluminium reels.

Our Air Metal technology processes the magnesium in a special way, leading to full corrosion resistance, which would be not possible without this special processing. Thus, you can enjoy a DAIWA Air Metal magnesium reel also at salt water fishing.

Air Rotor

ATD Automatic Drag System

The biggest issue with many drag systems is that they are not smooth at the beginning of the drag.

ATD or Automatic Tournament Drag is the newest introduction into DAIWA spinning reels. On one level ATD implements structural changes to the spool metal of the reel that provides greater support of the spool across the entire length of the main shaft.

This additional support of the spool reduces spool twist under load, promotes more even pressure on the drag washers and ultimately reduces "pulsing" of the drag when fighting the fish.

ATD - Another milestone of reel technology!


Air Rotor®

Especially for our reels with oil barrier (Mag Sealed reels) mechanism we have developed a complete new Air Rotor.

So the enormous strains, which affect the rotor via the line and the line roller are better distributed. This causes less pressure on the single parts of the rotor.

The new rotor is 15% more light weighted than usual rotors of the same material - this reduces vibrations and enhances the rotational balance thanks to a very low centre of gravity.


CRBB® Ball Bearings

Shielded for extra protection. Unlike ordinary "corrosion resistant" bearings with un unprotected open race, DAIWA's CRBB ball bearings are shielded to seal out sand, fine grit, salt crystals and other abrasives for even longer life.

CRBB ball bearings feature an 12 times higher corrosion resistance than usual ball bearings.


Slow Crosswrap
Line Laying System

Slow Cross Wrap loads the line at the optimal angle of overlay for maximum loading but still applies the ideal level of resistance during line release.


Digigear® Technology

Machined, digitally developed gearing for maximum performance and endurance. Embedded in our lightweight reel body, it transmits smoothly and efficiently the power of the handle directly to the rotor. Like this you can concentrate on fishing completely.

Our DAIWA engineers completely perfected the technology of milled gears with the Digigear II and newest with the Tough Digigear (TDG).

The shape and surface of the gear teeth enable the construction of gears with extraordinary smooth running, smallest resistance and extremely long lifespan.

Result - A real evolution for the strength of the Digigear!


HardBodyz® Concept

We have the perfect metal alloy, we have a more precise processing and we have the knowledge for building precise, durable and very lightweight metal reels.

We call this technology the HardBodyz Concept.

The HardBodyz aluminium alloy components are stiffer than standard counterparts. Daiwa engineering guarantees ultra-precise and tough designs.


Infinite Anti-Reverse®

A weak point of many reels - the most reliable part of a DAIWA reel. Only high-quality parts, made of steel with smallest tolerances are used.

The Infinite Anti-Reverse System limits rearward backplay handle movement to almost zero for solid hooksets with less shock to the reel. No handle slap-back on hooksets and nor release of slack line.


MAGSEALED® Technology

MAGSEALED oil is a magnetic oil that uses aerospace technology to protect internal reel components and guarantee smooth rotation.
MAGSEALED technology is based on a magnetic oil developed by NASA.


This liquid joint was originally used for the internal workings of hard drives – providing dustproofing but not waterproofing. Daiwa engineers took on the challenge of creating a waterproof oil, working to control the intensity of the magnetic force. This took hundreds of trials with adjustments down to micron level! The technology has been tried and tested on the water with the world’s top specialists in each discipline, and it has produced a demonstrable gain in the smoothness of rotation.


MAGSEALED oil is a magnetic oil that uses aerospace technology to protect reel components and guarantee smooth rotation.

The new MAGSEALED bearings have been designed to last longer than ever. The balls are encapsulated in a completely waterproof bearing. The inner and outer rings are magnetised and joined by waterproof and stable MAGSEALED oil. The cage runs smoother and is protected from impurities.

This means that the reel’s initial performance will be indefinitely preserved. The smoothness is beyond comparison to a waterproof industrial bearing: MAGSEALED oil removes the need for a joint, meaning you won’t detect any friction on the wind. 


QD® Quick Drag

QD drag is available on the many of our top reels as standard. The abbreviated drag function allows you to apply a controlled level of "Free Spool" but still engage the drag back to your chosen level with less than one turn.

The "free" drag position allows fish run like other set ups. At the same time you are able to react quickly to applying the drag the moment you handle the rod.

QD offers the advantage of a "free running" set up with a rapid front drag control on a big pit reel.


Silent Oscillation®

By the special position and guidance of the oscillation-gear wheels we improved the smoothness of the gear in comparison to usual systems of similar construction.

The perfect tuning of the contact points between helicoid and straight teeth create an energy yield close to 99% and silent rotation. Daiwa gear trains offer superior winding smoothness.


Twist Buster® System

DAIWA´s original advanced technology designed to reduce line twist. An essential reason for line twist has been eliminated with this smart idea.

The newest Twist Buster II  line roller not only minimises line twist, but also reduces further friction between the line and the roller.

Twist Buster
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