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Jack Wheeler



South West England

European Carp



I am the European Media Coordinator for Daiwa Carp and I have been fishing since I was 5 years old. I started off fishing a local river with my dad for perch and chub. This soon progressed to trying to catch bigger fish.


My first time carp fishing was such an exciting experience, my biggest fish I had caught up until then was a chub around the 2lb mark. My first carp of the trip was around 4lbs and looked like an absolute monster. Needless to say, I was hooked on carp fishing from this moment onwards. I ended this trip with 7 carp up to 9lbs 8oz and I was absolutely chuffed to bits.


Since then, my fishing has evolved. I spent a lot of time carp fishing during my teenage years and more recently, alongside university I started a YouTube channel (Jack Wheeler Fishing) to document my fishing trips which has continued to grow and grow every year. This allowed me to perfectly combine my two passions of fishing and videography together.


My favourite moment to date whilst on the bank has to be my first trip to France, a venue called ‘The Sanctuary’. I went with my best mate and we had a brilliant time catching plenty of carp. The one particular moment that stands out is catching a mid 30 mirror, but  just as I am slipping it back my second rod rattles off and I end up catching a mid 30 common within the space of 30 minutes of each other.


My number one tip is to look for signs of fish when arriving at a venue before you start fishing. This gives you the best chance of finding the bulk of the fish and ultimately should help you catch more.


Nowadays, I typically fish smaller, intimate waters most of the time with unknown stocks of carp. This allows me to catch carp with my favourite method of all time….STALKING! For me, I don't think there is a better way to catch a carp than to watch it come in and take your bait from under your feet. Whether this be on the bottom or on the surface. Although I ultimately enjoy fishing all types of venues with various different methods all year round.

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For me fishing has never been about catching the biggest fish, I go fishing to enjoy my surroundings and be close to nature. Catching a fish has always been a bonus.



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