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Lewis Swift





I have been fishing now for nearly 20 years starting off float fishing for anything that swam before eventually settling on carp fishing. I like to vary my fishing so I have tended to stick to day ticket venues rather than target a syndicate, but recently I have found it extremely difficult as everywhere has been so busy. It’s been amazing for the industry, but hasn’t suited the way I normally like to fish with short last minute trips being impossible due to venues being fully booked. If things carry on I will probably try and get on a local syndicate but for now I am persevering. I tend to target heavier stocked venues such as Linear or Todber as I simply enjoy catching and don’t have a real desire to target a particular big fish so anywhere I’m likely to get a bite is perfect for me and if something big comes along then even better. 


4 consecutive BYCAC finals and 6 consecutive BCAC finals. Represented carp team England in the tri nations match taking the gold medal.


It’s never too late to move. Sometimes I have just finished setting up in a peg and before I’ve even got the rods out I’m packing up again and on the move as I’ve seen something I hadn’t seen before.


Get the rods back out as soon as possible. Sometimes I see people land a fish and take over 30 mins to get the rod back out after weighing the fish and taking photos and tying a new rig etc. You would be amazed how often another quick bite can follow if you get the rod back out straight away and worry about weighing and taking photos afterwards.


Surface fishing 

Without doubt my favourite method is surface fishing. For many reasons this has always been my favourite method. The fact you only have to carry minimal amounts of gear, the fact you can stay mobile and cover a lot of ground but mainly because I think watching the fish come up and take your hook bait is way more exciting than hearing the alarm scream off.

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BCAC Champions 

My main goal is to be crowned British champions alongside my best mate Jack. We’ve fished together for nearly 20 years so it would be a dream come true.


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