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Carp Fishing Small Waters

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Daiwa consultant @dansh1pp recently fished his Winter syndicate in front of the Daiwa Carp cameras and managed to catch a few!

He also gave a few tips on how to approach smaller waters 🎣


Dan's tips: - Keep it quiet - The fish in small intimate waters are usually very tuned in to their environment, so any unusual disturbance from both in the water and on the bank can set them on edge and quickly scare them out of an area. Minimal casting, using lighter leads and even setting your bivvy as far back as possible can all aid in helping keep the fish happy in an area. Accuracy - Finding a particular spot can be just as important on small waters as it can on bigger lakes, sometimes even more so. Again looking can be the key to find areas where the fish are happy feeding, whether that be watching fish show, fizzing or physically watching them in the edge.

Rod Choice - I am an avid user of a 10ft rod for carp fishing if the situation is right. They pack away easier in my car and in my opinion they are better for accuracy, feeling the lead the down, controlling fish during the fight and I actually find them more enjoyable for playing fish.

However, just because you are fishing a small water doesn't always mean a smaller rod is best. If the lake does have a lot of weed present then the extra length of a standard 12ft rod can help give you the angle to extract a fish should it weed you up. The extra length is also advantageous if the swims have marginal overhangs you will need to manoeuvre the fish round.

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