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Lewis Swift at Wellington Country Park

Daiwa Consultant @lewis_swift_angling was lucky enough to do a guest session at Wellington Country Park and it resulted in this chunky 35lber 🎣

“I didn’t need asking twice about going for a guest session at Wellington Country Park. It was a venue I never thought I would get to fish so as you can imagine I couldn’t wait to get going. When fishing a guest session at Wellington you have to fish the same swim, so we opted for a peg that has two clear sides to it allowing us to cover a lot of water. It took me quite a while to find spots I was happy with, largely due to how shallow the lake is, averaging probably 4-5ft even at over 100 yards out.

Anyway, I settled on two slightly deeper areas both 7ft in depth and baited lightly with cell boilies that had been coated in the cream smart liquid a day earlier. Over the top I fished a 15mm cell boilie that had the top third cut off and replaced with a slither of IB pop up. This was not for the visual aspect but to help balance the bait and slowly leak out some extra attraction.

Later that night we were sat playing cards when my left hand rod tightened up. I ran down to the rod and the bobbin dropped back before slowly raising again. Brilliant.....a bream. So I lifted the rod and began winding in but after about 30 yards the bream I thought I’d hooked started pulling back. This wasn’t a bream and the fish was now trying hard to get into some snags down the left hand margin. The 3.5lb infinity was bent double but thankfully managed to keep the fish away and after a steady fight Jack safely netted a nice mirror. On the scales she went 35lb 8oz and I was absolutely made up. I hadn’t even been fishing for 6 hours and I’d caught my first Wellington carp. Needless to say the remainder of the session was more in line with how it had been fishing and no more bites came our way. But I didn’t care. I can’t wait to go again next year for another guest session where the chance of a 50lber is a real possibility.”

Good Angling Lewis!


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