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The slim and lightweight Ninja X carp rods with HMC+ carbon fiber blank fully load at the cast and catapult your rigs to huge distances. During the fight the progressive action of the rods absorbs headbutts perfectly – the threat of losses is reduced and maximum fun is ensured!


The 3.60m model with 3.0Ibs test curve is available with 40mm starter guide (art.-nr. 11595-366), as well as with 50mm starter guide (art.-nr. 11595-367).


The four-sectioned Ninja X carp rods (art.-nr. 11596-...) can be transported space-savingly and despite their short sections fully convince by their casting and fighting properties.


Ninja X Carp Features


  1. HMC+® carbon fiber blank
  2. Extra thin blank diameter
  3. Progressive action
  4. Shrink tube handle section
  5. Titanium oxide double leg guides

Ninja X Carp

  • From £65 - £100 RRP

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