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We have totally re-designed the blank, dropping the diameter and using completely new materials in the construction of the BASIAIR. In fact, the mandrel profile is the thinnest we have ever produced in the UK.


The next generation of our very own X45X Full Shield combined with HVF nanoplus controls torque from butt to tip and returns high levels of casting energy. It also delivers outstanding recovery on the cast. A combination of gains that undoubtedly increases distance as well as maintaining accuracy.


Whilst power and pinpoint delivery will stand out, the fish playing prowess of the Basiair will also come to the fore. Balancing such casting supremacy with responsiveness and feel a measure of modern rod design.


We have selected only the ‘best in class’ components to ensure we achieve the highest level of performance. It is the first time that an ALPS Air Pad reel seat features on a range of Daiwa carp rods. This amazing ALPS reel seat is 'skeletal', light, and soft touch, providing a truly fabulous sense of grip in the hand.


American Tackle Ti Forged ‘Stainless Air’ guides feature, which are incredibly light weight and thanks to their angle and frame shape dramatically reduce backlash and tangling.


The micro pitch finish combined with a soft matt paint create a highly refined look to these rods.


Furnished with a slim Japanese shrink grip handle and aluminium butt cap finish off the sleek and stealthy look of the BASIAIR.


Models in the range

  • 12ft 3.25lb
  • 12ft 3.75lb
  • 13ft 3.75lb


BASIAIR X45X features:


  • X45X Full Shield throughout
  • HVF nanoplus carbon
  • V-Joint Alpha
  • Our lowest diameter carp rod profile
  • ALPS Air Pad reel seat
  • American Tackle Ti Forge ‘Stainless Air’ guides
  • Micro pitch and low glare matt finish
  • Japanese shrink grip handle
  • Laser etched and anodised aluminium butt cap





  • From £879 RRP

    • 20 Tournament Basia 45 SCW QD
    • Tournament ST Monofil
    • INFINITY System 3 Rod Holdall
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