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New for 2022 we have taken the carp rod to the next level with the introduction of the new BASIA X45X!


The renowned Magnum Taper profile incorporating the next generation of torque busting X45X has allowed us to create the very best carp rod available on the market.


Designed and built in the UK, we applied the very latest design and material technology.

We have also applied the ‘near skeletal’ TDG guides making the rod light weight and super responsive. An Alps ARD reel seat with double locking screw also ensures a super secure fitting for the reel.


Six rods form the range: 3.25lb and 3.75lb in both 12’ and 13’ plus dedicated 12ft Spod (4.5lb) and Marker (4.25lb) editions.



X45X Full Shield is the next generation of Bias Carbon Technology developed by our engineers in Japan. The innovative composition of 45° bi directional fibres can now be applied throughout the whole rod structure, gaining even greater torque resistance and higher casting energy conversion.


Magnum Taper

Designed by our engineers in the UK and Japan this now iconic mandrel profile gives you the perfect balance of a responsive tip action rod for playing fish and the perfect middle and lower part of the rod for casting. Only Daiwa rods can give you this.


HVF nanoplus  

High Volume Fibre has been developed to reduce the volume of weighty resin but increase the proportion of power giving carbon fibre. The addition of nano size reinforcing fibres throughout the resin combine and bond during curing to create an added bridge of strength.



The technology eliminates potential flat spots that occur at the joint section of the rod. It gives you the perfect playing and casting action.


TDG Guides

These guides are lighter in weight than the traditional ceramic guides. Their larger internal diameter compared with ceramic guides means line can travel faster and more cleanly through them. They also offer greater sensitivity and feel and have a special Adaman coating to enhance protection.


Japanese Shrink Grip

We only use the best hard wearing shrink on all of our UK made rods. This ensures the best finish and feel for a carp rod handle.


Alps ARD reel seat

These are the latest in reel seat technology. Machined from ultra-high grade corrosion resistant 61XX aluminium. The ripple drop pattern on the convex back provides enhanced grip and feel.

Both hoods feature cushion inserts, securing reel foot placement and the twin HEX locking nuts ensure a solid fix in place.





BASIA X45X CARP 12' 3.25lb 2pc


BASIA X45X CARP 12' 3.75lb 2pc


BASIA X45X CARP 13' 3.25lb 2pc


BASIA X45X CARP 13' 3.75lb 2pc


BASIA X45X CARP 12' 4.5lb 2pc SPOD


BASIA X45X CARP 12' 4.25lb 2pc MARKER


  • From £600 RRP

    • 20 Tournament Basia 45 SCW QD
    • Tournament ST Monofil
    • INFINITY System 3 Rod Holdall
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