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The Emblem BR 10000 offers enormous power reserves and optimal handling for tackling big carp!


The tough DIGIGEAR offers an ultra-smooth running and optimal power transmission – ideally suited for retrieving the rig over great distances.


The ATD drag system with carbon fibre brake discs ensures a delicate drag transition with a smooth start which increases to its pre-set drag rating in a fraction of a second. This design prevents break offs when first engaging the drag.


An ABS long cast spool partnered with Cross Wrap enables minimum casting friction allowing greater distances to be achieved. It also features a High Impact Line clip which protects the line on the cast by absorbing the impact when the clip is hit.


The 22 EMBLEM BR 10000 has a line capacity of 300m / 0.37mm mono.


22 EMBLEM BR 10000 Features:

  • 5 Ball Bearings
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • ATD Drag System
  • Bite'N'Run Free Spool
  • Cross Wrap System
  • CNC-machined aluminium longcast spool
  • HIP line clip
  • Twist Buster II 
  • Machined aluminium handle
  • T-shape handle knob
  • Manual bail return
  • 100cm of line retreived per 1 turn of the handle / 4.7:1 ratio
  • Line capacity 300m / 0.37mm mono
  • 10kg drag
  • Weight 615g
  • Supplied with one spare spool




22 EMBLEM BR 10000

  • From £199.99 RRP

    • EMBLEM Carp Rod
    • Tournament ST Monofil
    • INFINITY System Multi Length Rod Sleeve
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