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INFINITY System Luggage


This concise and highly functional luggage range has been developed to suit the needs of the modern carp angler, be it for a short session or a week away. With the assistance of consultants across the UK and the EU we have closely examined what you carry, how you fish with it even how you store it in the Bivvy.

When designing the bags, we closely considered pocket sizes and depths and what tackle boxes anglers are using to ensure they will fit into the system.

Versatility was also an important consideration. We don’t all carry the same items in the same way so we tried to make it as flexible as possible so that you can choose how to carry your own tackle to the bank.

Each bag and pouch is either PVC or thermal lined; all easily wiped clean.Bags also come with double carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap if distance becomes a challenge.

Designed to the same height, all three bags can be placed under the bedchair. They also have a hard top that can be used as a work surface or place items in easy reach when fishing. Each bag also has a PVC base to stop damp when placed on the ground.

The rod holdall has all been designed with enough space for easy loading and unloading of made up rods. Providing enough space and protection for the largest of carp reels to fit in easily and safely.

All rod holdalls have two external open pouches to enable you to carry two additional rods if required. These can be secured with the straps at the top. In addition to this, on the back of the holdall there is a long pocket for landing nets, handles and additional long bank sticks.

For carrying additional rods two options are offered for 10’, 12’ & 13’ models.

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