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Adam Dawes



Newark, Nottinghamshire

Tackle Shop Manager



General introduction about myself, I’ll start with my work life. I was a builder for 13 years and through injury I had to change my career path which led me into working within the fishing industry. I’m also a consultant for Daiwa Carp which is a role I enjoy and am very proud to be part of a leading worldwide brand.


Fishing goes way back for myself. I first went fishing at the age of 9, small ponds, that kind of stuff. When I hit my early teens, I started entering little open matches on a local pond which I loved and I actually did ok! Things moved onto the river and lucky for me the mighty trent is on my doorstep. I wanted to catch a Barbel but anything that came along was welcome. I eventually caught plenty of Barbel, I was lucky to have my friends Dad show me the way who was a very gifted all round angler himself. Then the whisper of 20lb carp coming out the river caught my attention and fortunately I managed to catch my first ever 20lb plus carp out the river at the age of 15!


The buzz of catching my first 20lb carp just lit a fire inside of me, carp fishing is the only thing I could think of. Couple years past and when I could drive that’s when I could start getting about properly within the carp scene.  I began getting onto a few day tickets, fishing for 20’s and the odd 30. Gradually as I progressed the lure of syndicate fishing was really something I fancied and this naturally for me was the route I took and am still doing to date.


  • Helping other anglers achieve their goals through tutorials that I do occasionally.

  • Breaking the 200 yard casting barrier (208 yards)

  • Entering the 40’s club on a few occasions now with my pb being 42lb 8oz (uk)


One thing I’ve learnt through the years is being organised really helps.  I know a lot of anglers say this but they say it for good reason. In any sport or work being organised is never a bad thing. But my biggest tip would be ‘trust your instincts’. Many occasions when I’ve found myself unable to find fish or have no information to where fish are being caught from my gut feeling has served me well.


Distance fishing



Target wise I don’t really have any specifically per say. I just want to carry on catching carp and having fun along the way, that’s what is the most important thing.


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